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Universal Jumbo Mat Kit
Our Price USD: $49.99
Earthing Jumbo Universal Mat Kit
The Jumbo Earthing universal mat can be used on top of a desk under your keyboard and mouse, or under your
desk with bare feet contact.
Pillowcases Kit (2 Pillowcases)
Our Price USD: $129.99
Sale Price: $74.99
The Earthing Pillowcase is made with the same natural cotton as Earthing sheets. Pillowcases should only be used with the Coil Cord.
Plush Pad Kit 2
Our Price USD: $69.99
The Plush Pad is made from the same cotton material as it's big sister, the Earthing Throw. This miniature size conductive pad can be used almost anywhere, and it doubles as a pet pad.
Throw Kit With Plush Pad
Our Price USD: $149.99