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  Half Sheet Kit
Half Sheet Kit

The half-sheet is a natural-color, 100 percent cotton sheet (made with conductive silver thread) measuring 120" by approximately 33" that is placed over a section of your regular bottom sheet.
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Description Product Instructions
The half-sheet is a natural-color, 100 percent cotton sheet measuring 120" by approximately 36" that is placed over a section of your regular bottom sheet.
  • 1 conductive Earthing half-sheet with straight 15-foot (4.57 m) Earthing cord
  • 1 outlet checker
  • 1 ground rod with attached 40-foot (12.2 m) cord
  • 1 complimentary Earthing book

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First purchase by a skeptic September 25, 2014
Reviewer: Ellie K. from Manchester, CT United States  
Although skeptical, I ordered the half sheet package in August . It's been just 5 weeks and I've recorded differences from my previous sleeping patterns.  Instead of 2 or 3 bathroom trips per night, I have only wakened for this purpose on 7 of the past 35 nights, and only once each time, resulting in more restful, less disturbed sleep. If I wake due to thirst, I can drink and go back to sleep easily without leaving the bed.

My even more skeptical husband, user of a CPAP machine, couldn't use the machine for a week following removal of a cataract.  I suggested the sheet be placed in the other direction, across the lower part of our king size bed.  He was able to sleep comfortably with fewer sleep interruptions, even without the CPAP machine.  I'm a most satisfied and convinced customer, and I've just placed an order for the king size sheet.

Newly enlightened and convinced of the benefits of earthing, Eleanore Kepler

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Tendinitis and Arthritis June 22, 2014
Reviewer: Rick from Canada  
A friend gave us the 1/2 sheet and we put it on right away. I didn't think of it again. After I washed it, I neglected to put it on again. Then I noticed pain in my hip and knees was getting worse. I realized I didn't replace the sheet and got it right away. My hip is fine and the pain in my knees has dropped dramatically. My tendinitis is almost unnoticeable. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't experience it!
Just ordered 8 kits for friends!

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Changed My Life! September 23, 2013
Reviewer: Vanessa from Philadelphia, PA United States  
I sleep on this half sheet full bodied, because everyday there was some ache or pain from head to toe. From the very first morning, I felt a difference....feeling renewed, a little more energetic,and it gets better everyday!
Now, I try to purchase whatever I feel is appropriate for me, if I can.
Thanks so much!


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Half Sheets Make Good Window Curtains Too September 1, 2013
Reviewer: Chris from Flagler Beach, FL United States  
Being electro-hypersensitivity, I had to turn my bedroom into a partial Faraday cage due to the sensitivity, but was still getting strong emissions through the window, causing severe symptoms. I wasn't able to sleep in my bedroom for months.  Couldn't afford the Swiss Shield curtain fabric which is known to make the best RF barrier.

I decided to try using two half sheets I had and hung them over a rod like a pair of window curtains.  I pinned them together and connected one to a grounding cord. Wasn't sure how well it would work, but got out my RF meter and checked levels both before and after.  Discovered the emissions were significantly reduced although not to the level the Swiss Shield fabric would provide, but reduced enough to minimize the symptoms so I could sleep in my own bed again.  

So it appears the half sheets could also be used for shielding purposes.  Just a thought!

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A simple solution to immflamation... July 23, 2013
Reviewer: A. Mangun from Richmond Hil, GA United States  
These sheets are awesome! I had plantar fasciitus that I couldn't get rid of with traditional therapy or acupuncture. I was impressed with the research shown in the book so I decided to try the sheet. It took a couple of months and one day I just noticed the plantar fasciitus was gone. If I go out of town and don't bring the sheet little twinges of pain start to come back. I just get back on the sheet at night and it goes away again. I have had my sheet for about two years and I've followed the care instructions and it is still working. I just bought my mother a sheet because she is having the same foot trouble. Now I understand why I feel so relaxed after a day of tubing or swimming at the beach!

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