Our new pillow cases are 98% cotton with 2% AGFlex Solid Silver strands heathered into the cotton fibers. Our New Semi Conductive Earthing® Pillowcases are specially designed to be used over a grounded Earthing Pillow Cover. No need for a ground cord, just contact with the grounded Earthing Pillow Cover!

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How it Works

The Earthing® Pillow Case must be used with the Earthing Pillow Cover.
1. Ensure your pillow is properly grounded with the Earthing pillow cover.
2. Put the Earthing pillowcase over your Earthing pillow cover.
3. Enjoy
Do you have a product tester and want to test your sheets? Watch this Video for instructions.
How it Works

Two Pillow Cases (must be used with Earthing pillow Cover * sold separately)

It is good to wash your Earthing® product. It will not be harmed by washing, in fact it is beneficial. Washing in warm water strips body sweat and natural skin oils from the silver keeping it conductive.
Wash in a washing machine in warm water
Tumble dry gentle - low heat
Iron using low heat if needed
Do not dry clean
Do not steam clean 
Bleach, body lotions and oils can tarnish the silver thread so we do not recommend use with our products