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Ground Rod With 40Cord (1908689109105)The Earthing Ground Rod gets pushed into the earth in order for it's free electrons to flow into your Earthing product and ground you. (1908689109105)
Safe-T Cube Adapter (1908596703345)The Earthing Safety Adapter grounds you safety in the comfort of your own home. (1908596703345)
Ground Therapy Throw Kit (1902905524337)Travel with your Earthing Throw so you can be grounded and comfortable and warm everywhere you go. (1902905524337)
Patch Kit (90 Patches) (1903490760817)Ground Therapy Patch Kit - 90 (1903490760817)
Earthing Outlet Checker to test if your wall outlets are grounded (1908000030833)Earthing Outlet Checker and Safety Adapter help to get you grounded in your home (1908000030833)
Earthing Large Wearable Band (2226009636977)Earthing Grounded Knee Bands (2226009636977)
Outlet Adapter Europe (1908317814897)Outlet Adapter Europe (1908317814897)
Extension Cord 40 Feet (1908727939185)Extension Cord 40 Feet (1908727939185)
Earthing Medium Wearable Band (4354969895025)Earthing Medium Wearable Band (4354969895025)
Outlet Adapter Uk (1908289896561)Outlet Adapter UK (1908289896561)
Outlet Checker Uk - Type G (1908135329905)Outlet Checker UK - Type G (1908135329905)
Outlet Adapter Australia (1908486439025)Outlet Adapter Australia (1908486439025)
Outlet Checker Australia - Type I (1908231667825)Outlet Checker Australia - Type I (1908231667825)
Outlet Adapter Danish (1908471300209)Outlet Adapter Danish (1908471300209)
Outlet Checker Danish - Type K (1908215644273)Outlet Checker Danish - Type K (1908215644273)
Item Customizations (3841266876529)Item Customizations (3841266876529)
Earthing Product Tester Kit (4502249078897)Earthing Product Tester Kit (4502249078897)
Coil Cord Black (4526263271537)Coil Cord Black (4526263271537)
180 Earthing Patches (4526269169777)180 Earthing Patches (4526269169777)
360 Ground Therapy Patches (4526269661297)360 Ground Therapy Patches (4526269661297)
New Universal Mat Kit -New Size- (4550789169265)Universal Mat Kit (4550789169265)
New Double Universal Mat Kit (4550789660785)Universal Mat Kit - 2 Pack (4550789660785)
Earthing Elite Mattress Cover Kit comes in King, Split King, Queen, Full, Twin, and Twin XL so it perfectly fits your mattress for grounded sleep. It includes the grounded Mattress Cover, Coil Cord, U.S. Safety Adapter, and Outlet Checker. (4551374667889)Put the Earthing Mattress Cover under your fitted sheet to be grounded while you sleep. (4551374667889)
Earthing Elite™ Sleep Mat Kit (4559834415217)Connect the Earthing Sleep Mat to the earth's electrons through your grounded wall outlet with the Earthing Safety Adapter and Earthing Coil Cord. (4559834415217)
Auto Seat Mat Kit (4606623285361)8 Earthing Auto Seat Mat Kit (4606623285361)
Chair Mat Kit (4609255604337)Chair Mat Kit (4609255604337)
90 Ground Therapy Patches (4612811817073)90 Ground Therapy Patches (4612811817073)
Auto Coil Cord (4615922417777)Auto Coil Cord (4615922417777)
Earthing Starter Kit (6537320366193)Use more than one Earthing Patch at a time to get grounded. (6537320366193)
Earthing Pillow Cover Kit (6562168963185)Earthing Elite Pillow Cover Kit (6562168963185)
Earthing Elite Pillow Cover Kit 2 Pack (6562169356401)Earthing Elite Pillow Cover Kit 2 Pack (6562169356401)
The Earthing Grounded Sock Kit grounds you inside with the Earthing Coil Cords or by touching another grounded Earthing product. (6636475973745)Reading The Earthing Book in bed while grounding with the Earthing Grounded Socks and Earthing Sleep Mat. (6636475973745)
Grounded Sock (6640015900785)Grounded Sock (6640015900785)
Pet Bed Cover (6650410106993)Pet Bed Cover (6650410106993)
The grounded Earthing Floor Mat Kit includes everything you need for grounding while working, exercising, or relaxing. (6653804871793)Size comparison between the Earthing Floor Mat and the Earthing Universal Mat (6653804871793)
$159.00 Gift Card (6661393580145) Gift Card (6661393580145)
Earthing Throw 2 Pack (6674593251441)Earthing Throw 2 Pack (6674593251441)
Starter Kit With Mattress Cover (6674596823153)Starter Kit With Mattress Cover (6674596823153)
Earthing Uni Mat 3 Pack (6674602197105)Earthing Uni Mat 3 Pack (6674602197105)
New! Mini Starter Kit (6674605670513)New! Mini Starter Kit (6674605670513)