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Patch Kit (90 Patches)Ground Therapy Patch Kit - 90 (1903490760817)
Grounded Sock KitReading The Earthing Book in bed while grounding with the Earthing Grounded Socks and Earthing Sleep Mat. (6636475973745)
Chair Mat KitChair Mat Kit (4609255604337)
Earthing Elite Pillow Cover KitEarthing Elite Pillow Cover Kit (6562168963185)
New Double Universal Mat Kit (4550789660785)Read with your feet on the Earthing Universal Mat to be grounded while you learn. (4550789660785)
Universal Mat KitUniversal Mat Kit (4550789169265)
Earthing Product Tester Kit (4502249078897)Earthing Product Tester Kit (4502249078897)