The New Earthing Sleep System

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We are excited to introduce our new “state of the art” Earthing sheets!

Although sleeping with regular cotton sheets, over your Earthing Mattress Cover, is a very effective and comfortable way to ground yourself during sleep, the new semi conductive Earthing sheets serve to improve conductivity between the grounded mattress cover and you during sleep. No additional cord needed, just place them on your bed and go to sleep!
Our new sheets are 98% cotton with 2% AGFlex Solid Silver strands heathered into the cotton fibers.


The sheets must be used with, and directly touching, a Mattress Cover, Sleep Mat, and/or Pillow Cover to be conductive. Any part of the sheet that is not directly touching the surface of one of these covers, will not be conductive.


The sheets instantly reduce and prevent static electrical charges in your bed and on your body. Static is common with foam mattresses and modern bedding made from synthetic materials.


Static charge promotes chronically elevated or dysregulated cortisol secretions which is known to disturb normal sleep. Using our conductive sheets, with our grounded mattress cover, prevents static charge on the body. 


Get grounded and get your best night's sleep, naturally!

Create Your Perfect Sleep System
The new Earthing Sleep System is comprised of 3 elements, our Mattress Cover, Pillow Cover and brand new Earthing Sheets.

First, place the Earthing Mattress Cover on your mattress and confirm it is properly grounded. Do the same with the Earthing Pillow Cover. Then, add the New Earthing Sheets to your bed like any other sheet set; no additional cords required. 

Our new Earthing Sheets are sewn with Silver thread in a unique pattern that allows them to conduct the ground's energy from the grounded mattress cover beneath. It's that easy!

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