Earthing Wearables Kit

The Earthing® Socks, Knee Bands and Wrist Bands can be used anywhere you stretch, do yoga, sit, relax or sleep


Product Code: EWEARK | Available: 97
  • 2 Conductive Earthing wearable socks

    2 Conductive Earthing wearable wrist bands

    2 Conductive Earthing wearable knee bands

    2, 15 ft orange coil cords

    1 Outlet checker

    1 Safe - T Cube Adapter

    1 User’s guide

    1 Earthing Book

    1 Documentary DVD

  • 85% Nylon 15% Conductive Silver Fiber
  • TEST YOUR OUTLET to use your Earthing® Wearables. You must connect it to the “ground port” of a grounded three-prong outlet. Before plugging it in, you must check that the outlet is grounded by plugging in the outlet checker. TWO AMBER LIGHTS illuminated is good and means that your outlet is properly grounded and you are ready to connect your Earthing® Wearables. OTHER LIGHT COMBINATIONS mean your outlet is not grounded correctly. Try testing another outlet. If it still doesn’t work, then you will need to use a grounding rod. You can order one at

    USING YOUR WEARABLES 1. Connect the cord onto the Wearable silver snap. 2. Place the socks on your feet, the knee band around your leg or knee, wrist band on your wrist. 3. Insert the end of your Earthing Cord into the 3rd hole of a grounded wall outlet.

    Step 6: How To Wash and Care For Your Earthing Wearable's


    CARE INSTRUCTIONS Preferred cleaning method is to hand wash with mild detergent as needed. Dry on Low heat in a dryer or air dry

    The conductive fiber is silver. Do not bleach Do not use fabric softener Do not use oxidizing cleaners If machine washing is necessary it is advised to use a small garment bag.

    Never wash the Earthing cord.



    Don't wash with bleach or fabric softeners

    Don’t use whitening detergents, oxi-detergents OR detergents with oils like lavender or coconut oil

    Don't use dryer sheets

    Absolutely No Dry Cleaning


    Bleach, body lotions and oils can tarnish the silver thread rendering it non conductive. Fabric softener builds up on the silver and also ruins its conductive properties.

    It is advised to wait one hour to use the product after applying lotion to the skin. Iron using low heat.

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