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Ground Therapy: Clint Ober's Grounding Products For Practitioners

Clint Ober started the brand Ground Therapy® in 2017 to cater to a clinical-focused customer base including doctors, chiropractors, and naturopaths. Clint wanted to offer a grounding product line that practitioners could sell or recommend to their patients. It needed to have a brand name indicative of what the products were, and the manner by which they would help someone.

When you see the Ground Therapy label, you can feel confident knowing they are the same high-quality grounding products as Earthing. They are covered by our patents and created by Clint Ober himself.

Ground Therapy launched at the Abilities Expo in 2017

To debut the Ground Therapy brand, Clint Ober attended the Abilities Expo in Los Angeles California and gave away Ground Therapy grounding products to the people attending the conference.

Clint, along with his team, educated hundreds of people that weekend about the power of grounding. Watch a clip from the award-winning, "The Earthing Movie" about this exciting event.