Ground Therapy Patches (180)


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Ground Therapy Patches (180) Includes: 6 pouches of 30 patches each. 

Please Note: These are Replacement Patches Only and do NOT include Earthing cords or Earthing accessories.

Description Of Use:

Sit, relax, stretch, work, and sleep while wearing the Earthing Patches. They deliver electrons straight to the area you need them most. 

Instructions For Use: 

Attach 1-2 Earthing Patches to your body using the Coil Cords from your Earthing Patch Kit or other Earthing products.

  • Peel and securely stick the Earthing Patch anywhere on your body, avoiding hair and other sensitive areas.
  • If you don't have a specific area on your body that you'd like to target the earth's electrons, then apply the patch to the sole of your feet or to the palm of your hand.
  • Patches may be reused if the adhesive is in tact. This will vary from person to person.