Aspen Women's Sandals


Comfortable and durable Earthing Aspen Sandals ground you to the Earth's natural energy while you walk outside.

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Embrace the benefits of grounding without sacrificing your sense of fashion. Discover the perfect blend of comfort and style, while walking outside in Earthing Aspen sandals. It's not always possible to walk barefoot outside, and now there is a comfortable, grounded solution to keep your feet safe while you stay connected to the Earth.

Utilizing the same groundbreaking technology as our newly launched Earthing Sedona shoes, these grounded sandals offer you the ability to connect with the Earth's natural energy while walking outside on all grounded surfaces.

Easy to slip on and off, and with fully adjustable straps, you can throw the Aspen grounded sandals in your beach bag just as easily as you can wear them out to dinner. Multi-purpose and fully designed to support your health, the Earthing Aspen sandals are about to become your new favorite warm weather shoe.

How it Works

The New Aspen Women's Sandals are designed with the same conductive technology as our Grounder's Flip Flops and Sedona Shoes built into the sole, allowing you to be grounded when wearing them on any conductive surface.
Conductive surfaces include:

  • Grass

  • Sand/Dirt

  • Concrete

  • Natural Stone

How it Works

1 Pair of Aspen Sandals

Wipe down with soap and water.