Clint Ober's Official Grounding Products Have Either An Earthing® Or Ground Therapy® Logo On Them.


Earthing® and Ground Therapy® are the only authentic grounding products. ALL other companies have created knockoffs and are violating our patents.


Clint Ober is dedicated to research and development. He's spent over 20 years creating grounding products and discovering the benefits of grounding the human body.


We're so confident in our Earthing and Ground Therapy products that we offer a 90 day Return Policy and guarantee them for 1 year against manufacturing defects.

We create the only grounding products supported by over 20 years of research & development and 20+ peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Accept No Substitutes!

Beware of knock-off grounding products. They can be ineffective, are in violation of our patents, and can be downright dangerous.

Any research you see online about the benefits of grounding the human body are a result of the hard work and dedication of Clint Ober and his team of researchers, scientists, and clinicians.

Buying official Earthing and Ground Therapy products ensures that you are using grounding products that are proven safe and effective. In addition, you're supporting Clint and his team as they continue to research and develop new grounding products to help people around the world get grounded.

Select Only The Best Grounding Products!

Regardless of whether you use Earthing products or Ground Therapy products, only ground yourself using these two brands to ensure authenticity, safety, and a healthy connection to the earth.