Sedona Women's Shoe


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Introducing the revolutionary Earthing Sedona Shoe! Step into comfort and connectivity with our innovative design featuring a conductive strip in the sole, keeping you grounded with every stride. It's time to elevate your workout and stay connected to the earth beneath your feet. Walk, run, and stay grounded!

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How it Works

The Earthing Sedona shoe was engineered for unparalleled comfort and vitality. Crafted with a conductive rubber outsole and a seamlessly integrated midsole strip, this footwear innovation connects you directly to the earth's energy.

The perforated athletic insole, designed to effortlessly bridge your foot to the conductive strip, ensuring a continuous grounding experience as you traverse natural grounded surfaces.

Experience increased energy and endurance during your walks, runs, or workouts. Elevate your wellness journey with this revolutionary technology, redefining how you connect with the world beneath your feet.
How it Works

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