Ground Rod With 40Cord (1908689109105)

Ground Rod with 40' Cord

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Includes: One Metal Earthing Ground Rod with 40' Cord

Description Of Use: 

Use the Ground Rod to connect your Earthing product directly to the earth when you don't have grounded outlets available or when you're traveling.

Instructions For Use: 

  • Snap one end of an Earthing Coil Cord (not included) to your Earthing product (not included). 
  • Push the other end of the Earthing Coil Cord into the receiving end of the Earthing Ground Rod.
  • Put the metal end of the Earthing Ground Rod out your window or door.
  • Push the earthing Ground Rod as far down into the ground as you can under your window or next to your door. Fully sinking the metal rod into the ground is optimal.


Ground Rod With 40Cord (1908689109105)The Earthing Ground Rod gets pushed into the earth in order for it's free electrons to flow into your Earthing product and ground you. (1908689109105)
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