Earthing Product Tester


With the Earthing Product Tester you can test your Earthing products to make sure they are fully conductive at any time!

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How it Works

How To Use The Earthing Product Tester

1. Check your wall outlet with an Outlet Checker (not included) to ensure you have a grounded outlet. Next, plug the Safety Adapter (included with this kit) into your grounded wall outlet.

2. Snap Coil Cord #1 onto the Product Tester. Plug the other end of cord into the Safety Adapter.

3. Connect your grounding product as instructed and plug into the other socket of the safety adapter. 

4. Place the Product Tester firmly onto the conductive surface of your Earthing or Ground Therapy product. Press down on to the PRESS button and a solid green light in the indicator window shows that your product is conductive and ready to ground you.

1 Earthing Product Tester
1 Black Coil Cord (12', up to 15' stretched)
1 U.S. Safety Adapter